• My Aromatherapy Facial

    ‘My Aromatherapy Facial – my first (but definitely not my last!) foray into the world of complementary therapies.’ A first-hand account of a Massage Magic treatment, from one of our brand new customers.

    Aromatherapy, essentials oils, peony flowers

    The world of complementary therapies has always appealed to me, though, until now, I have never set aside the ‘me-time’ required to book (let alone attend!) a treatment session.  For me, the notion of a massage or aromatherapy session was traditionally filed in my brain alongside champagne afternoon teas and cashmere – ‘luxury’ things that I could lust after, but could never describe as necessities.  How wrong I was…

    I have two very young children and care for them full-time alongside running my own business.  I know that there are thousands of men and women far busier than me, but I have to admit that recently I have been feeling a bit stressed.  Just walking into Julia’s specialist treatment room, however, and being warmly embraced by the soft tinkling of her relaxation music and the scent of her aromatherapy oils seemed to lift a psychological ‘load’ off my shoulders, preparing me for the treatment ahead.  After filling in a pre-treatment questionnaire and being asked to reflect on my own physical and mental needs and requirements, Julia made sure that I was comfortable on the treatment bed and started to work her magic.

    As we rush about from one daily job to the next, pausing only for a cup of tea and a quick Social Media update, it’s easy to forget the importance of relaxation time.  This is definitely the case for me! For me, the height of relaxation is a 10-minute bath accompanied either by two small children trying to deposit items (usually electrical) into said bath, or an over-sized cat with a strange love for water trying to get in a join me… in other words, not very relaxing! My aromatherapy facial with Julia was the very definition of relaxation, ‘The state of being free from tension and anxiety’[1], a feeling that I can’t remember experiencing in quite a while! Everything from the massage strokes that Julia used to cleanse my face of two-day old make-up, to the foot massage she gave me whilst waiting for my facial mask to be absorbed, was purposefully and precisely done to achieve maximum relaxation – skills that I am sure that it has taken a great deal of studying and practicing to achieve!  And as if my new-found state of peace wasn’t enough, I haven’t even mentioned the effect that the facial treatment had on my skin yet.

    I’m not a religious ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ kind of girl. In fact, most nights I tend to fall asleep in make-up of some description, and as a result my skin tends to look fairly dull and lacklustre on a day to day basis.  However, immediately after Julia removed the facial mask, my skin felt amazing! The combination of massage, mask and carefully prepared facial massage oil (using specific aromatherapy oils selected by Julia according to your unique needs) left my skin feeling completely refreshed, hydrated and ‘glowing’ – so much so that I strode back into town without even pausing for a quick concealer ‘touch up’ or pressed powder flourish – quite something for a woman who doesn’t usually leave the house without make-up.

    I whole-heartedly recommend taking the time out of your hectic schedule to book in for some quality ‘me-time’ with Julia at Massage Magic.  For me, the experience highlighted the importance of my physical and mental well-being, not just for me, but also for my family.  A relaxed and refreshed me is definitely a happier me, and complementary therapies (such as the Aromatherapy Facial that I had with Julia in August this year) will now definitely be considered necessities rather than luxuries in my household!



    [1] Definition from the Oxford Dictionary.